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The Gospel of Thomas Home Page
maintained by Stevan Davies.

Steve is one of the world's leading Gospel of Thomas scholars. This is a great guide to Thomas scholarship on the web. It includes a variety of links, plus online material, including the complete text of Steve's book The Gospel of Thomas and Christian Wisdom, plus several of Steve's scholarly articles.

The Codex II Student Resource Center
by Mike Grondin

Mike Grondin has put up the entire Coptic text of Thomas with word-for-word English translations underneath. He also includes other tools, such as a Coptic lexicon, and an index of words and sayings. This is the source of my translation of Thomas.

Another huge list of links to articles, translations and other resources for the Gospel of Thomas. Compiled by Peter Kirby. The rest of the site covers all of the surviving first and second century texts connected to Christianity, with essays and links.

Another site compiled and maintained by Peter Kirby. Saying by saying comparison of translations and excerpted commentaries by a variety of scholars.

by Andrew Bernhard. An interlinear Translation of the Greek fragments of Thomas found in Oxyhynchus, plus other original language texts and translations of early gospels.

Four translations, articles and links..


Discussion Lists

This is an unmoderated discussion list with a large readership (900+), a huge volume of mail (1000+ posts a month) and a wild and wacky variety of subjects. Anything and everything gets discussed, but the group maintains a focus by cycling through the sayings in order.

This is a moderated group for the scholarly study of Thomas. Most of the contributors aren't professional academics, but posters are expected to understand scholarly conventions and to avoid belief statements.

This started out as a discussion of Tim Freke and Peter Gandy's book The Jesus Mysteries, but is now a free ranging discussion of alternative historical approaches to the problems of early Christianity..


Early Christianity

The internet is an amazing resource for Biblical scholarship, particularly for NT studies. Here are some of the most useful sites.

The NT Gateway is maintained by scholar Mark Goodacre. This is a huge and well-organised collection of academically credible links. Mark's site on Mark without Q, concerning the interrelationships of the gospels, is also highly recommended.

All in One Biblical Resources Search. Also by Mark Goodacre. This lets you search all of the most useful biblical studies sites on the web in one go

Every single Christian writing, in or out of the NT, conventional or Gnostic, and every external reference to Christianity in the first two centuries is available through this web site, along with links to scholarly material on each piece. The format is somewhat cluttered, but the amount of material makes up for this. Also includes a page on theories of the Historical Jesus, and some online books.

The Gnosis Archive. Articles, scholarly and otherwise, on gnosticism ancient and modern. Their library contains just about every Gnostic text, plus much more, and is searchable.

Andrew Bernhard has given original language texts and/or translations for every noncanonical gospel or fragment from the first couple of centuries of Christianity.

Searchable translations of the Bible in several languages. There are several English translations that can be compared

Into His Own. Original translations of rabbinical and other Judaic texts that cast light on the world of Jesus.

The Gospel of Thomas: A New Version Based on the Inner Meaning, by Andrew Phillip Smith, is published by Ulysses Books and is available through



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Gospel of Thomas Online Resources
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Esoteric Christianity Material:
Beryl Pogson on the Gospel of Thomas in 1959
P.D. Ouspensky on Christianity and The New Testament

Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Nicoll, and Many Others:
an Online Anthology of Fourth Way Writings On Esoteric Christianity

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