Friday, April 23, 2010

Tony Cartledge Planetry Types Interview

Tony Cartledge is interviewed by Miguel Conner about his book Planetary Types this weekend.

Topics Include:

--A brief history of Astrology and Planetary Types; and their seemingly marginalization in modern times
--Understand Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way and how it helps understand our place in the cosmos.
--The importance of Pythagorean philosophy in modern occultism and science, including how the universe is arranged in musical octaves and such groundbreaking holistic approaches like Bio-Acoustic healing.
--How the Gnostics viewed Astrology.
--The science behind how our very glands are affected by the magnetism of the planets, which in essence determines our personalities and possibly our life-courses.
--A quick lesson on understanding and recognizing Planetary Types by viewing famous people in history, politics and entertainment.

And much more! Finally, a scientific, verifiable and easy way to unlock the truths of Astrology."


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