Monday, March 01, 2010

Watkins Bookshop Closes

Watkins Bookshop, London's premier esoteric bookshop, which was founded in 1897, has closed and the company is being liquidated. My commiserations to go the staff, particularly my friend Klaus who also happened to be the editor of my first ever book. Watkins stocked Bardic Press titles and my books with other publishers and were generally very helpful. I only discovered that Watkins had gone down the tubes when I received a creditor's letter. Luckily they only owed me a small amount of money. Watkins Publishing is now owned by Duncan Baird, so it doesn't affect The Gnostics: History Traditions Scriptures Influence.

Two news items on the demise of Watkins:


Blogger Andrew Phillip Smith said...

More bad news: the Hughes and Hughes Irish bookshop chain has called in the official receivers and closed.

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