Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dictionary of Gnosticism

Hoorah! I've just finished the final additions to my Dictionary of Gnosticism. Next comes the typesetting and the page proofs. The book will be published in November. There are well over 1800 enries in the dictionary, thoroughly covering ancient Gnosticism and the Nag Hammadi Library (and I mean thorough), plus lots on the Cathars, the Gnostic revival and all sorts of subjects linked to Gnosticism. It's the first ever dictionary of Gnosticism. (the excellent Dictionary of Gnosis and Western Esotericism is in fact an encyclopaedia, not a dictionary.)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aeon Byte Interview on The Gnostic #1

The Aeon Byte Internet radio show is featuring an interview with me this weekend, April 18 and 19. The entire program will be available for download after that time. As the interview progressed I realised that this first issue has a theme that I was unaware of, the dichotomy or uneasy partnership between rationality and spirituality. This is something that I was quite unaware of when I was commissioning articles and putting it together. Alan Moore discusses science and religion in the interview, Will Parker's article looks at the advantages of the magical worldview that is so lacking in modern culture, my column discusses romanticism, and there are further resonances in the inclusion of an article on Philip K Dick, who struggled to assess the strange experiences that he began to have in 1974 . Although I was recovering from a brief bout of illness when the interview was conducted, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Miguel's description of the interview:
A Brand new publication has just been released on all spectrums of Gnosticism and Western Esoterica. It contains an in-depth interview with Alan Moore, the Gnostic Magician responsible for 'The Watchmen', 'From Hell' and 'V For Vendetta'. It includes interviews with Timothy Freke, Peter Gandi and John Turner. It deeply examines with the Gnosticism of William Burroughs and Mark Twain, the latest on Philip K Dick's new material and upcoming biographical movies, an exposition on magic and Gnosticism, the true meaning of gnosis, virgin revelations on the Bible and the Gospel of Thomas, the many faces of Judas throughout history and much more. Lastly, it contains new translations on Gnostic Scriptures, artwork, poetry and several book reviews. And that's just scratching the surface. But we more than scratch the surface and expose much of the information on this new magazine.

Astral Guest-- Andrew Philip Smith, editor of 'The Gnostic: A Journal of Gnosticism, Western Esotericism and Spirituality', and author of 'The Gnostics', 'The Lost Sayings of Jesus', 'Gnostic Writings on the Soul' and 'The Gospel of Philip: Annotated & Explained'.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April DeConick

It's very gratifying to see that April DeConick has posted a blog entry about The Gnostic.

"There is a new lay magazine on Gnosticism that popped up in my mailbox today. It is the premier issue and it can easily be obtained from Amazon HERE. Miguel Connor's interview with John Turner is in this issue, along with a piece on the Gospel of Judas and other articles of interest. I am happy to see that the Judas gospel is already being discussed seriously in the larger community because this gospel has much to teach us about early Christian self-identity and the existence of Sethian Christianity in the second century."

Monday, April 06, 2009

Aeon Byte Interview

I was just interviewed BY Miguel Conner for his Aeon Byte programme about The Gnostic #1,

It looks like it will be broadcast on the weekend of April 18.

On Friday I interviewed Colin Wilson for the second issue of The Gnostic. He's 78 now and living in Cornwall. We spoke about peak experiences, the failure of the Romantics and Existentialists. He still feels that Gurdjieff was one of the greatest men of the twentieth century and that he came closest to solving the problems of existence. He hates Saint Paul!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Amazon Review of The Gnostic

A great review on Amazon by Aiko Daiichi

Exactly what I've been waiting for.,
April 2, 2009
Gnosticism is a term that gets used and abused by so many different factions in our contemporary society. This periodical is a fresh and very welcomed introduction to the subject according to some of its best and brightest proponents. I recommend this to anyone who would like a nice sampling of articles that provide a great overview of what sorts of influence Gnosticism now wields in the academic, pop cultural, ecclesiastical, and literary worlds. I look forward to the next volume.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Gnostic #1 Discounted on Amazon

The Gnostic #1 is being discounted by Amazon, selling at $10.80 instead of $12. It qualifies for super saver shipping, so is you buy $14.20 worth of other books you get free shipping. Why not click on my name on the product page and purchase one of my other books or a Bardic Press book.

This is good news because the price cut comes out of Amazon's portion, not mine. I don't know how long the discounting will last.