Friday, June 26, 2009

Some Books are Special

Some books are special. I'm currently reading The Yoga of Time Travel by Fred Alan Wolf, published by Quest, for a review in The Gnostic issue 2. There's a lot of quantum physics in it, well explained, and I'm enjoying the book consdierably, though I wonder how he will eventually tie up the physics theory with the time-doesn't-exist yoga view, and whether he can do it successfully. And also whether it will have any practical spiritual meaning.

The book is special not because of its contents but because it attracts attention in an odd way. Yesterday I was reading it outside a café in Dublin, when an Indian woman approached me and told me that she had noticed that I was reading a book about yoga (which it isn't, it's about time really) and would I be interested in the yoga courses that she attends? I want to do some yoga again, but I must admit to being wary of the Art of Living yoga school that she espoused, which seems to be a large organisation with a guru and a lor of money involved... you get the idea.

Today I was reading the book in a nearby park and one of the park attendants, a typical Dubliner, asked me what the book was. I showed him the title and he said, "Ah, it's a chillout book then." Then he added, "I don't do yoga. With me it's more 'The Diazepam of Time Travel.'


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