Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My Current Projects

In my last post I told you what I *wasn't* working on. So what am I working on these days? Well, there's the next issue of The Gnostic, due out in late July. I'm writing a column, a couple of articles and some book reviews for that, as well as editing the journal and putting everything together.

My major book-writing project at the moment is ... well, this is actually the first public annoucement of it ... a biography of Alan Moore. The first full book-length biography of the famous comic writer and occultist. I've been working on it for a few months and one of these weeks I should complete the first draft. I first came across Moore's work about 30 years ago and I've been following his career ever since. Alan was too busy to want to help with the biography, so it's (currently) unauthorized, but I interviewed him for The Gnostic 1. The book will cover his entire life and works, and will take a serious look at his ideas and his approach to life.

On the Bardic Press side, as well as Tony Cartledge's Planetary Types: The Science of Celestial Influence, we'll be publishing My Father Gurdjieff, by Nicholas de Val, a translation of the French original Daddy Gurdjieff, translated and introduced by Paul Beekman Taylor.

And, of course, A Dictionary of Gnosticism, published by Quest, is due out in the Autumn.


Blogger Father Tim Mansfield said...

Hi Andew, I just received "The Gnostic" #1 from Amazon today and I'm looking forward to some time to really sit down and dig into it. It looks fascinating so far and the interview with Alan looked great from an initial skim.

Great work!


1:14 AM  
Blogger Andrew Phillip Smith said...

Thanks, Tim. Why not send me a detailed email response for inclusion in the letters column of the next issue? My email is andrew@bardic-press.com

3:41 AM  

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