Monday, June 08, 2009

My Biography of Rodney Collin

A couple of times a month I receive queries about my biography of Rodney Collin. Collin (his given name was Rodney Collin Smith) was a pupil of P.D. Ouspenksy. He wrote some extraordinary books and lived an extraordinary life, dying prematurely in 1956 when he fell from a cathedral tower in Cuzco, Peru. I have a page of information and links on him at

I have to say that the biography has stalled. I've been working on other projects and, since I'll be publishing the book through Bardic Press and hence have no editor pressing me to meet a deadline, plus I continually have the lure of interviewing more people who knew him and collecting more information, the project has become somewhat open ended. It would be nice to complete it by the end of the year, but I've been saying that for a few years in a row. I began research in the mid-90s, floundered for a few years and then picked up the threads about six years ago, finding that the Internet made research and communication so much easier.

However, Bardic Press is about to publish a new book which draws on Collin's human typology, Planetary Types: The Science of Celestial Influence, by Anthony Cartledge. Tony links the practical side of Collin's types with the research of Michel Gauquelin, suggests a possible scientific mechanism for the influence of the planets and generally pushes everything much further along. The book has a foreword by leading astrologer A.T. Mann and should be out by August.

In the meantime, the Rodney Collin page now has links to an earlier introductory article by Tony on Gauquelin's work and its possibilities, and an introduction to Rodney Collin, 'The Legacy of Rodney Collin'. There will also be an article by Tony in the second issue of The Gnostic. There has beens a certain amount of renewed interest in Collin in recent years, including the republication of his two major works, The Theory of Eternal Life and The Theory of Celestial Influence, and hopefully all of this should provide me with the impetus to finish the research and write the biography.


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