Monday, March 30, 2009

My space Review of The Gnostics:

A review of The Gnostics: History, Tradition, Scriptures, Influence by Lyle on Myspace

A few days ago I finished reading the book The Gnostics
by Andrew Phillip Smith. I read this book because I wanted to know
more about the Gnostics. They were a Christian sect that flourished in
the first couple of centuries after Christ. I wanted to know more
about them, as I had read a book about the Gospel of Judas a few weeks

The Gnostics called themselves Christians, although thier beleifs
were very different than the orthodox Christians that became the Roman
Catholic Church. There many different sects among the Gnostics with
differing beliefs among them. They were not an organized religion.
When Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, the
beliefs of the Gnostics were considered heresay and the Roman Catholic
Church strove to stamp it out. Some sects lasted well into the

I learned a great deal from this book, but there is more to
know. I would not recommend this book to the casual reader as it a
more heavy read. It might help as an introduction to Gnostics, but I
will be reading other books on them to better understand them. My
copy was 226 pages and took me a while to read and digest.


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