Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Interviewed on Aeon Byte

I was interviewed by Miguel Conner last week for Aeon Byte (formerly Coffee, Cigarettes and Gnosis--I must say that I preferred the original title.) The current interviews only seem to be available at the weekends now, so you can listen to my interview on Saturday 11 October and Sunday 12 October, or you can purchase it later for a couple of dollars. I've also done three other interviews with Miguel. I thought that the interview went well, and I was pleased that I could come up with some fresh thinking about the various topics. The focus was on my new book The Gnostics: History*Tradition*Scriptures*Influence. Visit http://thegodabovegod.com

Miguel describes the program thus:

"The origins and history of Gnosticism are as captivating as they are still mysterious. Although we have almost exhausted all its theories and revelations, a new book has come out that touches on overlooked aspects of the old heretics. We learn about the latest discovery in Gnostic rituals, unnoticed influences on Gnosticism, new and fresh anthropological findings on the Gnostics and much more. We also partake in a refresher course on the history and evolution Gnosticism. We also discuss an upcoming magazine dealing solely with the Gnostics."


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