Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Donkey Turning a Millstone

A donkey turning a millstone walked a hundred miles. When it was released it was found to still be in the same place. There are many who make journeys and do not get anywhere. When evening came they saw neither city nor village, neither a created thing nor a natural one, neither power nor angel. The wretches toiled in vain.

Gospel of Philip 45

When I recently visited the Origins exhibition at the National Museum of Wales, I saw a donkey mill from the Roman period from Clyro in Wales--apparently, these mills were relatively rare in Roman Britain but used widely in Mediterranean areas. Somehow I had never actually realized that the Gospel of Philip was referring to this kind of mil, even after reading it so many times. I will try to bring this image to mind when I find myself in the sort of situation referred to above. lI couldn't take a photograph of the stone mill because of the museum's policies, but here's a more recent example from La Alcogida Ecomuseum, Tefia in Puerto del Rosario municipality of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.


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Thanks for sharing this photo! Drives the point home quite well.

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