Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dublin and Stephen Emmel on the Gospel of Judas

Well, I, my wife and son, and Bardic Press too, have moved to Dublin, Ireland. We've been here for about two and a half weeks, and we're still easing ourselves in to life here. If anyone living in Dublin who is interested in Gnosticism either from a personal or a scholarly viewpoint would like to meet up with me for a pint, please contact me through this blog or through

On Thursday I shall be going to see Stephen Emmel lecture on the Gospel of Judas. The details are here, though it looks like it's already booked up.

In the early years of Christianity, bishops and emperors did their best to eradicate heretical teachings. Among the Church’s most threatening opponents were the Gnostics, whose dark and secret wisdom was passed on orally from teacher to student or handed down in apocryphal and apocalyptic books, most of which have been lost since late antiquity. In 2006, The Gospel of Judas was published, with sensational headlines worldwide. What is the meaning of this unusual early Christian literature? And why does it survive almost exclusively in the language of Egypt?"