Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gnostic Writings on the Soul: Annotated & Explained

My next book, Gnostic Writings on the Soul: Annotated & Explained is already available for pre-order on

Here's the blurb:-

Book Description
Just what is a soul, exactly? Where did the idea come from? How do we experience our souls? Two ancient Gnostic texts--The Exegesis on the Soul and The Hymn of the Pearl, both presented here in all-new translations--hold important clues to the development of the soul as a concept and reveal inspiring ways your own soul can remember and return to its unique, divine purpose.

The Exegesis on the Soul depicts the soul as a feminine figure who has fallen into the corrupted world and must find her way back to the Divine. It is the story of the soul's struggle and redemption that will embolden your own spiritual pilgrimage. The Hymn of the Pearl is an allegorical story about a prince sent to retrieve a precious pearl but who soon forgets his purpose and falls asleep. It is a moving tale of the importance of remembering your soul's identity and calling--and knowing that only you can fulfill your destiny.

Accessible facing-page commentary explains the Gnostic writings for you even if you have no previous knowledge of Gnosticism or early Christianity. Additional material draws on ancient religions, Platonism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and modern philosophical and psychological notions of the soul to place the Gnostic teachings in a clear historical context, trace the development of this concept through time, and to help you perceive--and respond to--the divine spark found in your own soul.

About the Author
Andrew Phillip Smith has been investigating early Christianity and Gnosticism for over a decade, sharing the results in presentations and writings. He is the author of The Lost Sayings of Jesus: Annotated and Explained, The Gospel of Philip: Annotated and Explained (both SkyLight Paths) and The Gospel of Thomas: A New Version Based on Its Inner Meaning.


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