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The Door of the Beloved:
Poems of Hafiz
Translated by Justin McCarthy, with a foreword by Andrew Phillip Smith
Published by Bardic Press, $12.95, £7.50

The great fourteenth-century Persian poet Hafiz is noted for his mystical love poems. The poetry of Hafiz has reached new heights of popularity in the West, yet his poems have been translated into European languages for over two hundred years. Hafiz is not a poet to be captured in a single translation. This modernised edition of McCarthy's elegant prose translation gives us a direct Hafiz, full of clear imagery and personal poetry.



Published August 2006 by Bardic Press. Softcover, 156 pages, ISBN 0-9745667-9-9, $12.95, £7.50

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New Nightingale, New Rose
Poems from the Divan of Hafiz
Translated by Richard Le Gallienne
Published by Bardic Press, $12.95, £7.50, €11

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Nightingale, have you heard the news!
The Rose has come back and the green and the blue,
And everything is as new as the dew—
New nightingale, new rose.

Hafiz of Shiraz was one of the very greatest Persian poets. Writing in the fourteenth century, his poems were collected as the Divan of Hafiz. The ghazals of Hafiz are erotic yet spiritual, both sensual and symbolic. Full of images of wine and the tavern, of the Beloved, of nightingales and roses, the poems of Hafiz have been regularly translated into English since the end of the eighteenth century. This new edition of Richard Le Gallienne’s moving and poetic translation finally brings one of the most popular versions of Hafiz back into print.

Hafiz is drunk in many different ways—
Drunk with the Infinite, Drunk with the divine,
With music drunk, and many a lovely face;
Also, he's drunk—with wine.

Published January 2004 by Bardic Press. Softcover, 180 pages, ISBN 0-9745667-0-5, $12.95.

Bardic Press books can be ordered by bookstores through Ingram and Baker & Taylor in the US, and through Bertrams and Gardners in the UK.

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